Best Tomahawks of 2016, Editors Picks

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Best Tomahawks of 2016, Editors Picks

Best Tomahawks

Even though the name sounds really fancy, best tomahawks are basically single-handed axes that originated in North America. They were used as hunting weapons during the pre-colonial period by the Algonquian Indians, the creators of the tomahawk. Modern martial arts such as Okichitaw uses tomahawk fighting techniques and it is also a part of competitive knife throwing. If you’re a fan of martial arts and tactical weaponry, you should definitely get one of these axes. These are the best tomahawks available in the market right now.

SOG Specialty F06P-N FastHawk

SOG is well known for their throwing knives and same is the case with their tomahawks too. The FastHawk from SOG is a 12.5inch axe with a 2-inch blade and is one of the best tomahawks available. It weighs just over half a kilo and is the perfect one for those looking to get a great single-handed axe.

It is smaller in size than the regular tomahawks and is better suited for shorter people with smaller hands. The knife blade is made of 420 Stainless Steel with a black hardcase coating. The handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and comes with a steel ferrule which is to keep it protected from splitting.

FastHawk also comes with a nylon sheath for storing it safely. Since the product is from SOG, it has a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Browning Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk Knife

The Shock N’ Awe from Browning is rightly named so. This one is a short tomahawk too but don’t be misguided by its looks. The blade itself looks really menacing, and will surely make you want to try it out as soon as you get your hands on them.

The axe weighs around 1.08 kilograms and is heavier than the FastHawk. It is made of High Carbon 1055 Tool Steel and the axe is of immensely high quality and durability. The handle is wrapped with nylon paracord, but customers have collectively disliked this.

The handle is rough to touch and can cause cuts if used for long periods of time. This can be avoided by removing the paracord and replacing it with some softer material.

Colt X-1 Tactical Tomahawk

The one word that will come to your mind when you see the Colt X-1 is, “Woah”. This 15-inch tomahawk is the largest in this list and is undoubtedly one of the best tomahawks. It is built High Carbon 1075 Steel and has a black rust resistant coating on it.

With its single all metal construction, the Colt X1 is a very durable axe and the paracord wrapped handle makes it very easy to hold onto. The 3-inch cutting edge and the penetration spike is highly recommended for outdoor use, survival and military applications. Weighing in at just under half a kilogram, it is also the lightest tomahawk on the list.

That’s it for the best tomahawks of 2016. If you have any suggestion apart from the three given here, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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