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Review – Best Electric Knife Sharpeners of 2016, Editors Picks

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

If you are a frequent user of kitchen knives, then you definitely might’ve had the situation where your knife is just not sharp enough. You can get rid of cheap knives and get new ones or sharpen your existing knives. Knife sharpening only saves you some money but allows you to use your favorite knife again. Knife Sharpeners come in many variants, and this article is aimed to bring out the best electric knife sharpeners of 2016. You can alternately check out the best manual knife sharpeners of 2016 also on

Chef’s Choice 3-stage 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice is a huge brand when it comes to kitchen equipment. It can sharpen 20-degree knives and 15-degree knives. This sharpener can appeal to many different types of knives. The Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener can sharpen sports knives, kitchen knives, pocket knives and serrated knives. It promises better sharpening than what the factory can do.

The three stage patented technology uses Stage 1 for Asian knives and Stage 2 for American or European knives. The 3rd stage polishes the edge to make it razor sharp. The 3rd stage can also sharpen serrated knives as well. For $170 it is one of the best electric knife sharpeners and is in use by leading chefs worldwide.

Wusthof PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof is a brand that does not need a formal introduction. Just like their kitchen knives, their knife sharpeners are among the best in the world. The PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener from Wusthof is very similar to that from the one given above.

Stage 1 creates a rough sharpening on the blade using the diamond abrasives on the discs.  The next stage consists of finer diamond grit wheels that further sharpen the edge. The last stage uses stropping discs to sharpen the blade to make them as good as new.

The Wusthof knife sharpener earns a spot on our list for the best electric knife sharpeners of 2016 for a reason. It is from the house of Wusthof, has the tremendous build quality and can sharpen almost any kinds of knife.

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

Whenever there are two products from the same brand, you can be sure that it is a really good brand. The Trizor XV EdgeSelect from Chef’s Choice is another great electric knife sharpener that uses a three-stage system.

The sharpener can create 15-degree edges on the knives. Just like the other knife sharpeners on this list, this one too has diamond abrasives on conical disks that sharpen the edges in the first two stages. The last stage uses a stropping disk to polish the knife edge. It can sharpen serrated knives as well.

If you’re not into spending a whole lot of money on electric knife sharpeners, you can go check out our list for the best manual knife sharpeners. If you have any suggestion about any other knife sharpeners not in this list, do let us know.

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