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Review – Best Slicing and Carving Knives of 2016, Editors Picks

Best Slicing and Carving Knives

Different types of meats use slicing and carving knives. Before picking up a slicing and carving knife, please make sure to go through these important points. First of all the blade should be long, narrow and thin. It should be long enough to give longer strokes and should be thin for the least resistance. Having a narrow knife will not allow the meat to cling on to the knife thus making it easier for the user to slice through. So keeping these things in mind, take a look at the best slicing and carving knives of 2016.

Wusthof Classic Ikon 2-Piece Carving Set

Wusthof Classic Ikon carving set is the first pick on our list of the best slicing and carving knives of 2016. This German made marvel comes with laser cut blades with the perfect cutting angle. The handle comes with contours that allow perfect grip on the knife.

High carbon stainless steel is used for the construction of the blade and the fork. With the brand image of Wusthof, it is a great choice for you to buy. The bolster at the end of the knife handle acts as a counter balance and the second bolster improves the knife control. The third bolster allows for the complete sharpening to the entire length of the blade.

Shun Classic 2 Piece Carving Set

Shun has always been a class apart when it comes to producing knives. Their Classic 2 Piece Carving set is no different. The bamboo presentation box will sweep you off of your feet the moment you see it. The box comes with the carving knife as well as the carving fork.

Both of them feature D-shaped handles made of Pakkawood that is extremely durable and aesthetically very pleasing. VG10 steel is used to make the knife and the fork and they are clad with Damascus steel to improve edge retention and durability.

Wusthof Epicure Slicing Knife

This is the second Wusthof knife in our list for the best slicing and carving knives of 2016. Epicure Slicing knife from Wusthof is a simple looking knife that comes for nearly $120. Since it is from Wusthof, you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality and the knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

The 9-inch blade is perfect for slicing through all kinds of meat and the narrow blade allows for really thin slices of meat. It comes with a translucent ceramic coating which makes it especially harder and more durable. Epicurean cutting boards use the same material as the one used on the handle of the knife. Although the blade is made in Germany the handle is made in the US.

That’s the end of our post for the best slicing and carving knives of 2016. All of the above-mentioned knives are from immensely popular brands and you shouldn’t have any trouble while using them. However, please do mention any other suggestions you might have in the comments section below. We’ll surely add them to our list after going through the other choices.

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