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Review: Best Swiss Army Knives of 2016

Best Swiss Army Knives

Having a lot of different tools for different purposes can be a pain sometimes. But having a Swiss Army Knife can be the solution to this. Swiss Army Knives come with a variety of different tools like a pocket knife, can opener, screwdriver, scissors and sometimes even a magnifying glass and digital clock too. This post is aimed to bring out the three best Swiss Army Knives of 2016. The name that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to Swiss Army Knives is Victorinox, and they are the best in the business.

Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT

If you want a Swiss Army Knife that is a true champ, then you should go for the SwissChamp XAVT from Victorinox. It is so large that it features almost all the other features of every other army knife combined.


This huge piece of art consists of a digital clock, barometer, altimeter, alarm, countdown timer, and thermometer. Apart from that, it has nearly 60 other tools, all packed into the 4.2-inches thick body.

The main complaint regarding the SwissChamp XAVT is obviously its size and price. For around $400, it is quite a huge investment for a Swiss Army Knife. Also if interested the leather pouch can be found on amazon under SwissChamp XAVT leather pouch.

Victorinox Traveller Lite

This one from Victorinox is housed inside a translucent casing. It gives an insight into the internals of the knife. It has a total of 25 features and has a clock, alarm, barometer, altimeter, countdown timer and a LED light.


The LED light has been subject to some criticism regarding its brightness and the tendency to switch on automatically while in the pocket. It also doesn’t display the date and day, which is a bit of a disappointment.

This one is recommended to those who are looking to get a knife that is not too big but provides enough functionality. That is why it made its way to the list of the best Swiss Army Knives of 2016.

Victorinox Trekker

The Trekker from Victorinox is the cheapest in this list and for about $30, this one is a steal. It has 9 tools built into it which include a large locking blade, a wood saw, a sturdy reamer, toothpicks, tweezers, key ring, Philips screwdriver, bottle opener and a can opener.


It also has a wire stripper and a duo of a small and large screwdriver attached to the can opener and bottle opener respectively.

Complaints about the Victorinox Trekker include less sharpness for the blades and not-so-great build quality. But for $30, it is one of the best Swiss Army Knives that you can buy.

All the three Swiss Army Knives in this list are amazing value for money in their respective categories. If you’re just looking to get your first Swiss Army Knife, then you should probably go for the Trekker. For someone who is looking for a bit more functionality, the Traveller Lite is a good option. For the seasoned users, SwissChamp XAVT is the obvious choice. All the knives come with lifetime warranty and the trusted Victorinox brand name.

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