Review: Chef's Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

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Review: Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Hello and welcome to another review of knife sharpeners. Here we’re talking about a model made especially for the kitchen. It will be able to take care of your dull knives, which can always be dangerous, and turn them into safer and more consistent blades to cut all your foods.

This machine is good for kitchen and sporting knives, and of course the kitchen counter is where you will more likely put it.

The first thing to notice about the Chef’s Choice 220 is how surprising that for the price you’re getting an electric sharpener. The default price on the unit is $55.00, but we recently found it on Amazon for $39.95, which is a real bargain.

The product carries a one year warranty. The customer reviews are also very good on the Chef’s Choice 220.


The product is from a company called Chef’s Choice that specializes in small kitchen electrics. They also produce things like slicers, wafflemakers and hot beverage machines.

When it comes to knife sharpeners, their models have been approved by different chefs from around the world. The 220 model is the evolution of their very successful 100 model.

What I liked

The main feature of the Chef’s Choice 220 is that it’s a hybrid sharpener. The first stage is electric and that’s where the main sharpening phase takes place, while the manual slot serves at putting the finish on your blade. You can reuse the last slot to resharpen your knife any time you wish if you want to keep a fresh cut.

So the hybrid feature of the Chef’s Choice 220 is probably what I like the most. I think it’s more pleasant not to have to turn on a loud machine just to give a little resharpening to your knife. The manual method makes the experience more relaxing.

I also like how this is the perfect knife sharpener to place on the counter of the kitchen. It doesn’t take much space and does the job wonderfully. I’ve had no problems with it and have full confidence in this product.

And then I’d say that the confidence of the brand made a difference in my purchase. Choosing a company that specializes in kitchen products gives me more confidence that I won’t ever have problems with it.

What I disliked

Surely, it would be the lack of versatility that I would have to mention against the Chef’s Choice 220. There’s no knob to select the angles and some customers may want to go for another product just to get that feature. Sure, you don’t need to set any angles for your kitchen knives, but if for the same price or slightly higher you can get a system that will do that for your more expensive hunting knives, all while doing the work for the kitchen, the Chef’s Choice 220 could easily be bumped to the side.

I personally see the Chef’s Choice 220 as the perfect choice for someone who needs to consistently resharpen their knives in the kitchen. It’s that machine you want if your knives are constantly becoming dull or if you need a freshly sharpened one to do the work.

The final word

In conclusion, the Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is a great choice for anyone who wishes to own a quick solution to sharpen and maintain their knives in the kitchen. The price isn’t intimidating, but it’s also getting pretty close to the one of better machines with more options. Compare before you buy this one.

The main argument in favor of the Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener would probably be its customer reviews. On Amazon, it has cumulated an impressive 4 and half stars buy-now-1 with the comments mostly outlining the machine’s reliability and how they think they’ve struck a good deal with the Chef’s Choice 220. Indeed, my experience has been that if you need something for the kitchen, it’s really worth the money.

And before we go, be careful as to which knives you use with this kind of machines. This isn’t a high-end model that will work with just any knife. Refer to the manual and online information to make sure you’re not going beyond what the system can do.

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