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Review: DMT DuoSharp

DMT DuoSharp

DMT DuoSharp

The DMT DuoSharp isn’t a very complicated knife sharpener, but it has gotten enough good comments on Amazon for us to review. What has made a knife sold for under $100 gain so much praise? Well, you simply have to read to find out.

The DMT DuoSharp is indeed sitting at a rare 5-stars average rating on Amazon and its reviews are pretty much all perfect.

More importantly, it had no 1 star reviews the last we took a look at it. Sure we’re not talking about electronic products that could potential break here, but it’s still impressive.


DMT products are made in the USA. It started business in 1976 and has produced a few award-winning products for the kitchen, garden and the woods. It’s likely a brand you’ve already heard of if you’re in the industry, since they have dealers all across the country.


The DMT DuoSharp naturally doesn’t aim to be the very best knife sharpener ever created, but it aims to work fast and be easy to use. The DMT DuoSharp is a bench stone, so 8-inch and 10-inch versions are available. It can be used to sharpen just about anything, be it small knives or bigger tools you own. You can use it to sharpen knives in the kitchen, or take your time to get the best results possible for when you go hunting.

What I liked

Well, I must say that the DMT DuoSharp does exactly what it says – it works great and it does the job quickly. It’s also very versatile which makes it a great buy for the price. A multi-purpose item is always a great investment.

On the actual surface of the DuoSharp, it’s the polka dots technology that makes the product special. This dot pattern unique to DTM makes the sharpening faster and holds water. I noticed the difference with this as I obtained the results I was looking for in less time. If you wish to have a portion of the surface without the doted surface, there’s an alternate version you can buy.

Overall, it’s a very solid product too. You can see that the pieces have been fused together, not glued. The base is made from plastic, but it’s nicely designed so that you have plenty of room to move your hands. The feet are non-slippery and allow you to work without disturbance.

What I disliked

What I disliked about the DMT DuoSharp is pretty simple, and to be honest, not the end of the world. It’s simply that other systems out there bring in more features that allow you to customize your cut further. If you compare the default price of the DMT DuoSharp with some other knife sharpening systems on the market, you might find that this isn’t a product with a lot of perks if you’re more of an expert. Nevertheless, the results are delivered at each sharpening and this product can be trusted.

Where to get it

The DMT DuoSharp can be bought directly from the DMT Store at Of course, buying it there will only allow to get it at its regular prices of $167.99 for the 10 inch and $121.56 for the 8 inch. Amazon had better prices last time we looked buy-now-1.

It’s up to you to decide if you prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer or from another store that you trust or that has gotten good reviews. Remember that there’s a reason why DMT issues the right to be a DMT dealer to specific store. They want to make sure that the quality and authenticity of their products is maintained.


In conclusion, if the main thing you’re looking to do is sharpen kitchen knives and just want to get good and quick results, the DMT DuoSharp will be perfect. Its price will match your budget and the results will leave you satisfied no doubt.

If however, you’re looking for a more advanced type of knife sharpener and would be able to put more money, I wouldn’t recommend to settle for the DMT DuoSharp. There are a few better options out there for you if you’re more of an enthusiast when it comes to hunting knives in particular. Other products can give you more control over the angle and balance of your cut if that’s what you’re looking for.

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