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Review: Norton Three Stone Knife Sharpening System

Stone Knife Sharpening System

Stone Knife Sharpening System

Hello everyone and welcome to this review. Here we’re going to take a look at a Stone Knife sharpening system that’s pretty much targeted at those who know how to appreciate good sharpening systems.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with those, you will probably need to go check the manual every once in a while to make sure you know what you’re doing, or even turn yourself to online resources for more “training”.


Just before I make my comments about the product, I just wanted to give a bit of background of the company since this is important. Norton Pike is a company with a long tradition that dates back to 1823 in New Hampshire.

According to their website, they were the “first supplier of commercially available natural sharpening stones in North America”. Their products are made to accomplish a wide range of tasks and please all kinds of audiences, from the chefs to farmers and people going in the woods.

Product Description

The Norton Three Stone Sharpening System is the larger option from Norton in terms of knife sharpening.

If you need to sharpen any knife that you would consider to be decently big, you will need this “313” model from Norton. The 200 models are smaller and will only allow you to do so much.

The Norton Three Stone Sharpening System includes three stones, hence the “tri-stone” name. It has a 100-grit silicon carbide stone to work on your more damaged knives, a 150-grit silicon carbide for most of your sharpening tasks and a 320-grit aluminium oxide for finishing touches.

If we go around the product a little more, we will notice rubber feet for more stability on your surface. And finally, there’s a little black tool that comes with the kit that’s supposed to help you position your sharpening. I was interested in trying that out as well.

What I liked

The first thing I liked about the Norton Three Stone Knife Sharpening System is how complete the package is. You get an angle guide and a 16oz. of lubricant. You are then all set to start.

The goal of this product is obviously to sharpen all kinds of knives, but it seems to cater very well to the needs of the kitchen crowd and I could easily understand why when I tried this sharpening. This 313 is exactly the right size for these bigger butcher knives. The Sharpening Supplies also states that this is a frequent model for these kinds of businesses and I don’t doubt it.

I liked the set of stones included with it and I could get some good sharpenings, be it with water or lubricant. You can just as well transform your dull edges into ones in great condition and then finish them with the fine stone to get a blade that will willingly cut through any piece of paper. And that then shows in the kitchen as you can get slim slices of squishy tomato or cut perfectly through any meat.

I did appreciate this angle guide that comes with the package as well. It allowed me to better direct my movement and improve my confidence that I was indeed doing it right.

What I dislike

Indeed, I would say that everything the IM313 offers is interesting and efficient, but I wouldn’t say you’re getting any feature that’s out of this world for the price tag of $230. The fact that I thought some other systems would offer more unique features for the money is probably the only thing I disliked about this product.

Where to buy it

The Norton Three Stone Knife Sharpening System can be bought at various locations, the main ones being, one of the main suppliers of this brand, and of course Some might first think that Amazon will always provide the most competitive prices buy-now-1, but Sharpening Supplies did offer it discounted at $179.99

My Verdict

So to wrap up this review, I think the Norton Three Stone Knife Sharpening System is one worth getting. Whether you’re a chef or a hunter, it’s a system that ensures that you get a nice cut each and every time.

It’s a long company that probably doesn’t offer anything so flashy when it comes to this sharpener, but it’s one of the most trusted model you can get. And if you’re looking for a smaller version of this sharpener, you can always go for their 200 line.

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