Review: Smith's 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

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Review: Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife

Smith's 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife

Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife is an electric knife sharpener that dramatically reduces the time spent sharpening your knife contrarily to other more classic systems. When it comes to knife sharpening, we all have our tastes and budget. This tool right here is for those who want benefit the most from technology. Of course, there’s the price that comes with it, but it’s getting plenty of positive reviews and customers seem to be satisfied with it.

At $180, it’s indeed true that you’re probably paying about as twice as any other type of knife sharpener. On the good side, the warranty on the Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener is 3-years. We invite you to check it out before you buy because there’s no doubt it represents an important investment that you will want to use for several years.

For what type of knives is this for?

The Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener is for all types of knives – hunting knives, fishing knives, tactical knives, sports knives and even pocket knives. You can refer to the manual to check out all your options.


The Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener is one sharpening tool that brings down the sharpening task to a single move.

You simply have to turn on the unit to hear it makes noise, at which point you simply need to insert your knife at a level angle and sharpen it by bringing it back.

You can check some videos online to make sure you’re using the absolute best method with your new purchase. Sure, it’s an automatic system, but you still want to make things right.

There are two slots on the Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener: a coarse slot and fine slot. The coarse slot is for dull or damaged knives, after which you can then move on to the second slot to get your final polishing.

Then, as we go around the machine, we can notice a sort of resting surface for your hand for more comfort, and also rubberized feet so that everything stays in place on your table as you get your sharpening done. You simply set it up before you turn on the machine. The selection of angles is great.

Smith's 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

Why should I get it?

The main advantage of the Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro has to do with angles. The system manages angles through its knob on top of the machine.

Then, the quality of the Smith’s Ad comes in the way it guides the user to sharpen his knife exactly the way that he should. This is done through the extremely useful manual that comes with the machine. The chart in this manual is so useful that I think it comes with any similar sharpening system.

In this manual, you get a chart with all types of knives, which are classified even by brand. If you wish to have a quicker reference with the most common angles, there’s a card that you get on the device after you open it with the most frequent selections. Keep it in case you need it.

And finally, I also think people should get it because of how easy it is to clean. Smith’s came up with a very useful brush that you dip in water (wash off the excess afterwards) and insert it in the slot as you would with your knives. Brushes replacements can then be ordered through Smith’s website. This whole process allows you to remove the dust in there and really make your machine work like new. Again, refer to some videos or the manual if you don’t think you’re doing this right.

My verdict

So what’s my verdict in the end? Well, if the $180 price isn’t too much for you buy-now-1 and that a good electric sharpening is what you’re looking for, I absolutely recommend it.

To me it’s the best way to get the right factory angle on just about any knife. The way the product provides so much assistance when it comes to angles is really admirable and you will have no regret that you went for a higher end machine.

Smith’s reputation also plays a role here in the buying decision in my opinion. They’ve been delivering quality for over a century, and there’s no doubt that they can be trusted on this one.

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