Review: Smith's Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Review: Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone

Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone

Smith's Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone

Hello everyone. I thought I would do a little review of this Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond sharpening stone I bought as a gift to myself and by which I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t really doubting the quality of Smith’s products, but for the price I was paying I was wondering if this was going to be enough to satisfy me as my new sharpening system for at least a few years.

In fact, I was wondering if I hadn’t paid enough and if I shouldn’t have gone for a more expensive option. However, in the end, the quality of the stone, the nice packaging and how it brought some of my older knives back to life convinced me that I indeed made a great choice. Read on to get a full explanation of my verdict on this product.


The Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone is a sharpening bench that’s sold for around $60 and that can be used to sharpen little or big knives and tools – pockets knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, etc.

It includes three stones: a coarse diamond stone (325 grit), a fine one (750 grit) and an Arkansas stone.

The bench allows you to rotate the stones easily and to notice which is on top with the clear label on the side.


Smith’s is one of the oldest companies around. As the label says “Since 1886”, the brand has been around for a long time and their selection of products is very wide. They produce simple and more complex sharpening tools for both experiences and inexperienced consumers.

What I liked

What I liked about the Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone is how it could take take care of very damaged and used up knives. With a bit of patience and good work, I was able to bring back to life kitchen knives that I thought were good to go in the garbage. There are many videos online that teach you how to use a simple sharpening system like this to get great results on just about any blade.

I also liked the nice presentation on this product. The stones are clearly identified and you just have to make a simple rotation to switch it up. Just like on many benches, the diamond stones are interrupted so that you get the desired result faster.

If you’re a beginner, or that you wish to give this as a gift to a beginner, the Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening could be a great pick. It includes sharpening instructions and an angle guide, which will certainly help, but more importantly, the reasonable of this unit is what really makes it an excellent choice. It will certainly make anyone who owns plenty of knives (and can’t seem to get rid of them) very happy. Also, let’s not forget that you get a premium honing solution with this product. And when it comes to lubricant, there’s a trough in the base for any excess that might be on there.

So really there’s a lot to like about this product. The thing is simply to understand that it’s a model that’s often sold in bigger stores in the kitchen section, so you’re putting your hands on a more basic bench with less features.

What I didn’t like

Well, while I said that the presentation of this sharpener was good, I didn’t exactly mean that it was the most professional-looking too ever created. It does look a little basic for a more advanced user, but that’s about as far as your worries can go – the Smith Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening Stone claims that it does the job and it’s indeed the case.

Where to get it

There are a lot of good deals on the Smith Tri-Hone on the web. Amazon is obviously a very good place to start buy-now-1 as it generally offers regular discounts on all kinds of products. Smith’s official website is and you can also find their products in many retailers in the US and abroad.


In conclusion the Smith’s Tri-Hone Diamond Sharpening is a fast and relatively cheap bench for sharpening that can take care of a wide variety of jobs.

Sometimes, younger adepts want to get their hands on a good sharpener and I would think that this bench would be great for them. It’s not too expensive as an investment, comes with good instructions and is a nice kit as a whole… just make sure the task is done safely and cuts are avoided. I’m sure that when Christmas comes around, this sharpening stone will be in a lot of people’s carts, be it online or in stores.

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