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Review: The Best Serrated Bread Knives of 2015

Serrated Bread Knives

Serrated Bread Knives

No matter what type of experience you have in the kitchen you probably have a bread knife lying around. However, if you don’t make or buy loafs of bread, your knife may not get much use. Don’t let your bread knife go unused, these Serrated Bread Knives also work great on melons, chocolate and cake.

This article will review the top serrated knives for performance, durability and sharpness.

Wusthof 4150-7 Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife

The Wusthof manufacturers have been supplying the best in knives since 1814 and they have kept the same basic principles throughout their products.

As with all Wusthof brand knives you will see their trident logo printed on the blade, this represents their principles for top-notch quality products.

From their state-of-the-art factories in Solingen Germany, customers can enjoy any of their over 360 knives that have been heated and hammered. The manufacturers also provide a wide assortment of kitchen utensils including; scissors, knife blocks, and cutting boards.

The Wusthof 4150-7 Classic is one of the most preferred knives. It possesses a long 9 inch serrated blade with a triangular tip that delivers one of the finest cuts for bread. The blade is fashioned from a high-carbon stainless steel. This knife can be sharpened by hand and provides exceptional sharpness.

Users can rest assured that the handle is very comfortable. The knife is full tang, evenly balanced and offers a firm grip. It has a traditional style and will fit in nicely with the rest of your knives. The triple-rivets strengthen the handle and offer long term durability.

For a single knife, this Wusthof model is not cheap. However, even though it is pricey it comes with a lifetime warranty, it is dishwasher safe and is built durable to last users a long time.

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Victorinox 47547 10-1/4 Inch Wavy Bread Knife

Victorinox is a prestigious knife manufacturer known worldwide as the original creators of the Swiss Army Knife. Since their establishment in 1884 they initiated as a small cutlery workshop that grew rapidly. Karl Elsener is one of the people responsible for growing the company with his innovative ideas and craft.

The Victorinox manufacturers have delivered over 300 blades to the kitchen community and are highly admired by professionals. They also offer an assortment of products and accessories from clothing, to watches, pocket tools and kitchen utensils.

This Victorinox 47547 knife is an elite quality product with a 10-1/4 inch serrated blade that can cut through cake and a hard crusted bread as if it was cutting through butter. The blade is made of a high-carbon, cold-rolled stainless-steel that offers an extreme sharpness and edge retention. Tip of the knife is cone-shaped for wider breaking points.

Users will have no complaints with the handle as the patented Fibrox material is anti-slip and offers users a balanced feel along with optimum comfort. The weight of the knife allows it to slice through crusty bread effortlessly.

Do not wash this knife in a dishwasher, it is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed. The product meets the standards of the NSF and comes with a life time warranty.

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The J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL knife handle comes with a modelled POM handle that boasts a complete rat tail tang that is riveted with stainless steel.

It is perfectly balanced and offers an optimized comfortable grip. Plus, it has proven to be durable.

An 8 inch serrated blade makes accurate and effective cuts through hard crusted bread, tough chicken skin, and other soft food elements. The knife’s blade is completely forged in stainless steel with a satin coating. This knife is very sharp, users must be careful when cutting, slicing through bread, and other soft items.

While this item is famous for its high quality performance and durability, it can only endure small kitchen chores such as peeling and cutting vegetables and fruits. As a single knife this blade is affordable, but it is large and may not fit your current knife block.

Owning this knife will put an end to you buying sliced bread as it slices through bread perfectly and accurately. The weight is designed to assist in cutting and slicing through bread and chicken skin.

This product includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. While this knife is safe advertised as dishwasher safe, it is advised to hand wash with a mild dish soap and dry immediately after washing.

The J.A. HENCKELS outlasts the 10-1/4 inch stamped stainless steel Swiss heritage knife. Customers have been delighted with this knife since after a year’s use as it still continues to impress.

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