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Review: The Best Survival Machetes of 2015

Best Survival Machetes

The five best survival machetes choices that have outlived the competition.

If you are planning on going on an outdoor or survival adventure it is important that you carry with you one of the best survival machetes. These tools are known to survive the elements as they are made from the most common types of steel such as carbon and stainless steel.

This article will focus on the five top survival machete choices that have outlived the competition.

Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete

The Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete, is an ideal tool for clearing out an area for camping. Its durable 1085 carbon steel blade, can handle chopping trees, limbs, branches, thick brushes and wood for a camp fire.

With a blade edge angle of 20 degrees, it only adds to the cutting performance. Weighing 1.12 pounds, a blade length of 11 inches and total length of 16 ½ inches, this machete is lightweight and very easy to handle.

Made with an ergonomic design, the handle is a, Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle. This handle is durable enough to handle several heavy duty activities. The user will be impressed, with its performance, even after the first use. This Ka-Bar machete also comes with a leather cordura sheath.

What is most charming about the survival machete is that its sharpness tackles any size of task in just minutes, it cuts like a knife through butter, when sharpened properly. It is also known for maintaining a long lasting sharpness retention.

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Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife

The Hibben IV Combat Machete takes on a combination machete/knife design, giving it a unique look. The blade is 11 ¼ inches with an overall length of 16 ½ inches, which makes it a multifaceted piece of equipment designed to outlast other tools.

Made from a 440 stainless steel and with a blade thickness of 1/8 inch, this machete can cut everything from trees, to heavy grass and wood for a campfire.

A solid hardwood handle covered by cast metal guard and pommel complements the body of this combative machete. Also, a leather sheath to carry this blade, is provided as well. The leather sheath is a little clumsy but it will still function well for you and your machete.

One of the downsides to this purchase is that there is no included grindstone, for sharpening. This is unfortunate since this tool will need to be sharpened often.

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The Ontario SP8 Machete

This Ontario SP8 Machete is an admirable tool for the strong survivor. The Ontario knife manufacturers are globally supplying their merchandise to customers. Military, sport, and rescue teams highly recommend this machete as a top choice for extreme adventures.

Users are satisfied with the design as it weighs 22.8 ounces, and its 10 inch blade that is both plain and serrated, is made of a 1095 carbon steel that can effectively, cut, chip, chisel and chop your bushes and trees. It cannot handle large hardwood trees as it will only deflect your machete and may cause an injury.

The blade is full tang, and rates 57 to 59 on the hardness scale. It is textured with epoxy and coated with powdered. With a handle made from Kraton, it has a secure grip that will resist the elements.

A leather cordura sheath does an excellent job of protecting your tool from the elements. Not everyone is pleased with it, as it is slightly cumbersome.

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Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

The Ka-Bar Kukri machete is small but unique in its design and performance. With a handle made of a comfortable Kragon G thermoplastic elastomer, the user will experience optimal comfort even during long hours of use.

Made of a carbon steel blade, measuring 11 ½ inches, this blade, can last for many years, as long as you take good care not to create major dents in your blade. It is ideal for chopping grass and wood for that bonfire when you’re camping at night.

Included with your purchase is a combo sheath made from a black and cordura leather. Users can store their machete and strap this blade to their belt.

With an overall weight of 1.7 pounds and a total length of 17 inches, this survival machete is easy to carry around and a fun and convenient tool for everyday use in the wild.

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The Gerber 31-002289 Bear Grylls Parang Machete

The Gerber Parang Machete is a creative invention. It has an angled blade that is perfect for clearing a campsite area with bushes and trees.

Boosted by a high carbon steel material, the blade has an amazing strength and it can be sharpened easily. However, it does not offer good sharpness retention. The material is anti-rust and it can weather any type of environment.

The comfortable full tang blade is complimented by a handle made of a texturized rubber, the grip provides great comfort and minimizes the risk of the machete slipping out of your hand.

Be careful while sweating to avoid any unexpected injuries. The lanyard cord will assists users in guarding themselves and others around them from a slipping machete. Unfortunately long hours of use may give users blisters on their hands.

Additional bonuses to your purchase include; the pocket guide that comes with a Bear’s survival essentials and a nylon sheath that is very lightweight, anti-mildew and military caliber to protect your gear from the elements.

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