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Review: Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener

Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener

Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener

Whatever your passion is, there are always some products out there that are made for the pure enthusiasts, and by looking at the Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener, it’s pretty obvious that it was made for those who know what they’re talking about or those that simply wish to live the dream in terms of knife sharpeners.


Wicked Edge is a pretty new company that founded in 2007. They aim to redefine the expectations customers should have towards knife sharpeners and create products that will outtake their competitor.

Clay Allion and Devin Kennemore who put the company in place have plenty to say when it comes to hunting and all things knives and they’re now putting their best inspiration and expertise to work through Wicked Edge’s products.

Indeed, the name of the company feels different, and their products feel like they’re a different breed as well. Just the look of the kits indicate that these are next generation items.


The excellence of the wicked edge knife sharpener starts with its look and its great granite base, although it has to be purchased separately in some cases. The whole machine feels very solid with durable materials such as stainless steel.

The Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener uses a sharpening method that’s both very manual and effective.

You take the two double-sided stones on each side like handles and brush them on the knife. The stones that come with the Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener are diamond stones of 100, 200, 400 and 600 grits.

The angle can be selected at the very bottom of the unit, and this system offers just about the best and most precise selection you will find. I’ve had no problems with the jaw either.

What I liked

Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener

What I liked the most on the Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener is pretty much the sharpening experience it offers and how satisfying it is. Sure, you can buy an electronic sharpener and just put your blade in the slot and let a machine do the work for you, but a manual process is often more satisfying and the Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener proves exactly why.

Sure this is a method that’s probably meant more for professionals and veterans, but I don’t see why a beginner wouldn’t be able to get the hang of it. It’s just that if you expect to pay a big price and have a machine do all the work for you, it’s not just the case here.

My favorite thing about it is that I can listen to the sound of my moves on the knife to know which areas need a few more strokes than others. When you know what you’re doing, this can be a tremendous advantage over other knife sharpeners.

What I disliked

Of course, what I disliked and that a lot of people disliked is the price of the Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener. At $275, a lot of people will wonder if it’s overpriced.

However, with time passing I have to say that I didn’t feel like that was the case. The customer service is great from what I’ve seen and the extra money is just a minor downside when you consider what you’re getting. This is the kind of knife sharpener that would make a great investment for a business, so if you decide to purchase it on your own, you need to expect to pay more.

Where can you buy the Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener?

The Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener can be bought directly from the Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener website at www.wickededgeusa.com, or you can hope to find better deals and discounts on websites like Amazon buy-now-1. Wicked Edge does offer discounts every once in a while so you need to keep an eye open for that.

My Verdict

In conclusion, Wicked Edge really showed what they’re capable of with this knife sharpener. The company put together something that does the job incredibly well and that’s fun to use.

And lastly, I must mention the cool packaging that this unit comes in. It definitely got me pumped about the product right from the get-go.

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